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Indvidual Issues
If you are purchasing more than one issue or
want to make an offer contact directly at mental@mentaldiversions.com
Title Publisher Sequence Condition Price Link
Shogun Warriors Marvel 1 Fine $15.00
Comics By The Box
All boxes must be purchased in bulk and be available for pick-up or delivery in the Greater Houston/Galveston area.
Purchases can be made by contacting directly at mental@mentaldiversions.com
Box Id Content Highlights Estimated
A006 Daredevil, Darkhorse Presents, Detective, Dr. Strange, Emerald Dawn $375.00 A006
A010 Thanos Quest, Thing, Thor, Transformers, Uncanny X-Men, Vengance of Bane $1275.00 A010
A015 Vision/Scarlet Witch, Warlock and Infinity Watch, Web of Spider-Man, West Coast Avengers, What If, Wolverine $640.00 A015
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