Moving forward

Hey guys, the Mental Master here and I want to give you all an update.

First off we are meeting every week and kicking through old and new ideas. We are also working on original art and comics; games; and anything else we can thing of.

Allen Adams III is cranking out some new fantastic artwork. If you are not following him on Instagram you need to. Also, I am working with Allen to create a storefront so you can buy some of his original art.

Like Allen I am working with Garrett Gainey, who is on a super secret project right now, to get his site working with a storefront where you can buy original art, t-shirts and many other things this fabulous creator is working on. Also check out his Instagram also.

And what am I doing? Started the layouts on Shifters #8. Finished the the story for Shifters #9. Outlines for Shifters #10 and #11. Working on two more modules for D&D.